The 3 week Old Baby – And The Man Who Saved Her Life

This photo is of a 3 week old baby girl, saved at the very gates of an abortion centre where she was once scheduled to have her little life snuffed out. Fortunately the man in the photo met her [...]


We have Marched for Life, what next?

March for Life has got bigger and better with each passing year.  This year, after outgrowing our hometown of Birmingham (contrary to what the pro-aborts like to say, it simply hasn’t got a [...]


March for Life UK 2018 – Record turn out in the beautiful London sunshine.

London delivered glorious sunshine and the biggest ever turn-out for this year’s March for Life UK – an estimated 4000 people joyfully witnessing to their belief that every life deserves love; [...]

Every Life Deserves Love

So, how many women have, afterwards, got in touch with a pro-abortion provider and thanked them for the abortion, perhaps expressing their joy and gratitude that their physical or mental health [...]


Don’t Don’t Believe The Hype!

Jesus said, ‘I came into the world for this, to bear witness to the truth, and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.’ ‘Truth?’ said Pilate. ‘What is truth?’


Having had two abortions, why I hate the idea of buffer zones!

Never in a million years did I think I would be stood outside an abortion clinic for the third time. The previous two visits led to two abortions, one in my teens and one when I was in my [...]


BBC programme makers silence pro-lifers voice.

The BBC’s documentary ‘Abortion on Trial’, aired on BBC 2 on Monday evening was at best irritating and at worst a shameless propaganda tool used to further the cause for decriminalisation.  The [...]


An attack on an unborn human is an attack on us all!

If a mother is considering abortion should she really trust herself to an organisation run by a woman who thinks it is no different to birth control? This is what Ann Furedi, CEO of BPAS (the [...]


I can’t believe that I still have to pray outside abortion clinics.

With 40 Days for Life just around the corner, it was interesting to come across a post by an ex-priest called ‘I Can’t Believe I Once Prayed Outside An Abortion Clinic’.  Whilst the author claims [...]


Abortion is it your responsibility?

The recent spate of women’s/pro-abortion marches have highlighted how abortion supporters have become bolder in pushing for their ‘rights’. Rights over ‘their bodies’, rights to choose when, [...]

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